33 Women

33 Women
33 Women

33 Women

An Update from Our Client Relations Manager

I knew there were women. But I wanted to know how many women. So, I looked through our files. The number is 33. Throughout 2021, 33 women entered our clinic doors either determined to abort their babies or strongly considering the abortion option.

Now to be clear, there were a lot more women who entered our doors also planning to abort. But what makes these 33 women significant is what they learned during their appointments at Alcove Health Women’s Clinic.

Through our medical services, each of these women found that either they weren’t pregnant (meaning their pregnancy test at home was either invalid or there was an error in the use/reading of the test) or they did not have a viable pregnancy (meaning there was no heartbeat).

These 33 were considering, if not planning, to leave our clinic and contact an abortion provider. And they didn’t even have a pregnancy to abort.

Here at Alcove Health Women’s Clinic, you help us serve moms and save babies. For these 33 moms, you served them so – rather than fast-tracking it to an abortion clinic or mail-to-home abortion provider – they slowed down and got the information they needed to make a wise and safe choice.

Now you may be thinking, so what? No babies would’ve been harmed in these abortions. Why is this blog-worthy material?

Two reasons.

First, because God protected these women and He is always blog-worthy. We can all celebrate that.

For these 33, the medical services they received here at Alcove Health Women’s Clinic were a safeguard – over their bodies, their hearts, and their futures. You see, an abortion – even one on a baby that doesn’t exist or isn’t alive – is still an abortion to the woman. God – in His goodness – sheltered each of these women from the life-long impact of thinking she had an abortion. So they did not suffer physical complications, or post-abortion symptoms, or relational difficulties, or spiritual heartache. All because these 33 individual women were given an opportunity to learn the truth before they took any action.

You can see God’s hand of protection all over these women’s stories.

Ten years from now, these 33 will not be contacting us asking for post-abortion recovery. For these women, you – our supporters – didn’t save babies, but you sure did serve women. God provided a way for them to know truth. And that one truth will affect them their entire lives.

Secondly, this is note-worthy because we know that you may be the first contact a woman has when she is considering an abortion. Be it a friend, a church member, a co-worker, or a family member.

We want you to know that even the woman who is 100% confident she will only consider an abortion still cannot have 100% confidence that she even knows what’s going on inside her body – or if she’s even pregnant – until she visits Alcove Health to get the important information our services provide. For free.

As our community of support, you are also the voice in our community. Perhaps you will meet a woman determined to abort. Remind her we’re here for her to provide the same services that served these 33.

Remind her of these 33 women. She could be one of them.

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Get to Know Rachel!

Over the years, God has been very gracious to our team by bringing the right people to the mission at just the right time, and we’re excited for you to meet our newest team member, Rachel González.

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2023 Year-End Letter from Our Executive Director

Together, we can continue to be that place of miracles and transformation for countless women and families in need. When you make a year-end gift to Care Net Peninsula, you are providing the help and hope that women need to choose life for their baby.

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2021 Impact Report


2021 Impact Report

Despite paradigm-shifting changes to the abortion industry, Care Net Peninsula is leading in the fight for life.

“It’s simple, receive the abortion pill in 1-3 days after a quick video visit.” This ad from Carafem was illegal in 2020. Now national At-Home Abortion companies aggressively market to women on the Peninsula and across the country. In fact, the pill is responsible for over half of the 800,000+ babies killed by abortion each year.

What exactly is an At-Home Abortion? It’s when a ‘pregnant person’ answers a few questions on a video call, and a company mails her the abortion pill for about $200. No ultrasound. No leaving home. She passes the baby in her toilet. It’s horrific. It’s also a threat to the future of our ministry and the women and babies we serve together.

But the Care Net Family is ready for the fight. For the first time, you gave over $1 million. We launched STI testing to reach more women in person. We leveled up (again) our digital communication, and our online leads TRIPLED! That means more women than ever learned about our services. Your investment paid off. We served 630 clients in 2021-our most ever. 391 babies were born. 143 women–and 4 men–were connected to a church mentor. 19 women made a confession of faith in the clinic. To God be the glory!

Thank you so much for your faithful giving, advocating, volunteering, and praying. We are well-equipped for the next chapter in the fight for life on the Peninsula, and that would not be true without YOU.

Pray for wisdom as we adapt and grow aggressively to serve as many moms and save as many babies as God would bring to us.

Ryan Holloway, Executive Director

Is This Data Still Accurate?

At-Home Abortions were made permanently legal by the FDA in 2021. Now, national companies are lining up to sell Peninsula women mail-order abortion pills after a ‘quick video visit.’

This means even more competition in the fight for life on the Peninsula. It also calls into question the validity of abortion stats provided by the VDH via local abortion facilities. For now, we’ll continue to report the available data.

2021 Clinic Stats

“Don’t do this” – The words that would change Tiffany’s life forever rang through her mind, as she sat in the parking lot of Planned Parenthood. Just a few weeks prior, Tiffany had received a positive pregnancy test, shattering her dreams of a “traditional” wedding with her fiancé and an uncomplicated first year of marriage. Add to that the pressures from multiple loved ones to “just get an abortion,” and Tiffany felt cornered with the temptation to take what felt like the easy way out.

But instead of listening to these voices, Tiffany said “yes” to God’s voice, and, as a result, she lost many relationships including her engagement. Scared and unsure she could parent a child alone, Tiffany came to our clinic and received the help she needed to care for her unborn baby. Her extraordinary courage caught our attention. So, our team nominated Tiffany to Care Net National, who in partnership with Regent University, awarded Tiffany a 4 year, full-tuition scholarship. Praise God!

Now Tiffany wants to use her story to help other women say “yes” to life in a culture shouting the opposite. She wants everyone to know that God used what seemed like a catastrophe in her life to give her the biggest blessings she could ever imagine: a beautiful little girl and a future filled with promise.

Read more about Tiffany here.


2021 Expenses

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Medical Director

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Development Director

Linda Mesibov

Operations Manager

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Nurse Manager

Kinta Dye, RN, BSN

Nurse Manager

Karla Laskowski, RN, BSN

Staff Nurse

Sherri Pigue

Client Relations Manager

Sheri Coker

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Karen Reynolds

Client Advocate

Sylvia Pottle

Client Advocate

Maggie Jervey

Community Relations Manager

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Get to Know Rachel!

Over the years, God has been very gracious to our team by bringing the right people to the mission at just the right time, and we’re excited for you to meet our newest team member, Rachel González.

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Giving Tuesday 2023 Care Net Peninsula

Save the Date: Giving Tuesday 2023

For Giving Tuesday 2023, we invite you to join us in taking a stand for life by giving a life-saving gift by providing ONE DAY of ultrasounds to our clinic to serve the women wondering what to do next when facing an unplanned pregnancy.

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