are you living with

shame, guilt or regret

from a past abortion?

You Don’t Have to Any Longer!

Option One

Contact us for one-to-one grief support in person or through a confidential phone or video call with a Grief Advocate.

Option Two

Join a private 9-week closed past-abortion recovery group led by a trained facilitator who has walked this path before you.

Don’t wait. Start your journey to recover and find healing from your past abortion today.

You No Longer Need To Be Held Captive By Your Past Abortion

Find Healing Today

with the help of women who have walked this path before you

“By placing me with others who have been through the abortion pain, God healed my wounded heart. I didn’t feel alone anymore and I was able to fully understand my feelings.”

– Cindy, 40

Are You Struggling to Heal from a Past Abortion?

You’re not alone. About 1 in 4 women in the United States will have an abortion before the age of 45. Many will carry symptoms like shame, guilt, and regret with them for years, maybe even decades.

But remember you don’t have to. We’re here for you.

Through our program, you will be able to find healing and freedom.

“I was not alone. I found a group of women who understood exactly what I was going through and gave me a place to open up and share my story. They gave me a safe place to be sad and grieve. I found peace and healing in this study, and I want others to experience that.”

– Rena, 32

Your privacy and comfort is important to us. The form you submit is viewed only by our program facilitator. But if you would like to contact her personally, please click here.

For additional information on past abortion education, please visit or give us a call at 757-591-8141.

Testimonies From Women Who Have Walked Before You:

Allyson’s Story

God used Care Net Peninsula to help Alyson heal from nearly two decades of shame and guilt. But he had something else in store for Alyson that would change her life forever.

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Rena’s Story

I waited until we were in the driveway and I still couldn’t form the words. In God’s mercy, my mom just knew and she comforted me and told me that she loved me.

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No More Hiding

Why do I have little memory of the procedure itself? Why all of a sudden do I feel so sad? Years of stuffing the pain did not make it go away.

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