Calling all church small groups, clubs and families! You can host your own event to raise in-kind gifts like diapers, maternity clothes, baby clothes and baby supplies. Maybe you have more onesies than your baby could ever wear? We take these items and distribute them to our amazing clients in one of our Bundles4Babies or material needs appointments.

You could hold a diaper drive, baby shower, or sell baked goods to raise funds for specific “wish list” items, such as parenting books, wipes or diapers, to help serve local moms.

Below is a list of our most commonly used items. However, our needs are always changing so make sure to follow us on Facebook or Instagram or give us a call at 757-591-0303 to find out our greatest needs.

Bundles4Babies Items:

New or Gently Used:

      • Sleepers (NB – 12m)
      • Onesies (NB – 12m)
      • Clothing (NB – 12m)
      • Socks (NB – 12m)
      • Blankets and Swaddles
      • Diaper Bags
      • (Small) Baby Toys / Stuffed Animals

New Only Please:

      • Newborn Bathtubs
      • Diapers and Wipes
      • Baby Wash
      • Baby Lotion
      • Bibs / Burp Cloths
      • Towels and Washcloths
      • Teething Toys

Maternity Care Items:

New or Gently Used:

      • Maternity Pants/Shorts
      • Maternity Tops
      • Maternity Leggings
      • Maternity Dresses
      • Nursing Tops
      • Nursing Covers
      • Misc Clothing Items

New Only Please:

      • Nursing Bras
      • Pumps (new tubing/replacement parts)
      • Nursing Items:
        • Lotions/Creams
        • Hot/Cold Compresses
        • Nursing Pads
        • Storage Bags/Bottles

Shop Local to Serve Moms and Save Babies!

Visit C’est Joli’s La Boutique below and use the code “CARENET“. Each week your items will be hand-delivered to our office.

If you are interested in donating larger items such as pack-n-plays, strollers, swings, and the likes, please give us a call first at 757-591-0303 or email