• Client Testimony Form

    Thank you for your sharing your story about how Alcove Health has helped you during your pregnancy. Your honest sharing of your experience greatly encourages and informs other women who are facing similar situations and decisions. A release at the end of this form lets us know whether you are allowing us to use your first name or if you prefer to remain anonymous.

  • I give Alcove Health, and its affiliates, permission to use my photo and/or video and/or that of my minor child, if included, all or part of my story to make derivative works, without personal identification unless authorized, for illustration, promotional materials, fundraising campaigns, marketing, and/or promotion of Alcove Health, its affiliates, and/or in any medium. I understand that my testimony may be used to encourage others who are in a similar situation or to encourage financial supporters of the clinic or to promote awareness and fundraising support for the organization.

    I understand that "any medium" includes, but is not limited to, things like the internet, social media, YouTube videos, print materials, and the likes. By signing this release, I understand Alcove Health may allow others to use my photo/image, quote, and/or story in any way that Alcove Health could use it.

    I waive any claims that I may have arising from such use. There are no restrictions on use unless I have specified them below.

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