2019 Walk4Life Update


Your generosity and fundraising is providing free services to moms on the Peninsula in impossibly difficult situations. Please keep them in your prayers!

walk teams
fundraising walkers
individual gifts


Christ Fellowship Church of Wmbg. $10,935
The Young Family $8,937
Kimberly and Co-Laborers $8,937
Hampton Christian Academy $7,921
Community Bible Church $6,470

Peninsula Community Chapel $5,787
Laufer Insurance Solutions $5,045
LightHouse Team $4,807
Grace Family Fellowship $4,645
Seaford Baptist Church $4,610


Mark Lee $5,217
Kelley Crawford $4,805
Becky Richmond$4,117
Caroline Driscoll $3,530
Charlie Littlefield $3,000

Carly Taylor $2,855
Consuelo Pyatt $2,610
Ryan Holloway $2,450
Mark Geary $2,410
Samuel Young $2,371

Videographer: Eric Reebel

Amanda Franks, Media Specialist

June 9, 2019


Medical abortions account for 42% of abortions in our country, and they come with issues that are often not discussed. Very recent legal actions have changed the landscape of abortion today – allowing ‘telabortion study’ options.

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February Prayer & Praises

God is our shield. Meditate on that. He protects us from things that we don’t even see coming, holds himself between threats and dangers, and delivers us as armor does a soldier, from a place of death to a place of life, over and over again.

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January Prayer and Praises

anuary is a month of memory in the prolife community. It can feel monumentally heavy as we remember how many years abortion has now been legalized in America. However, it is a month dedicated to the Sanctity of Human Life; the sacredness of God’s creation. It points to His holiness and kindness in making something so precious. It encourages hope and praise.

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