A Message From Our Outgoing Executive Director

Anyone walking with Jesus for a bit discovers that He is happy to interrupt your plans! God did so to me six years ago after I reluctantly drove to a Peninsula coffee shop to meet with Care Net Board Directors about possibly leading their pregnancy centers. The rest is history. My tenure for a fifth of this ministry’s legacy is a great privilege of my life.

Now God has newly interrupted my plans. Once again, I find myself in a coffee shop, this time across from a vibrant leader who is impressive in his qualifications, confidence of purpose, sense of humor, and humble spirit.

What God has done with your prayers and support in the years between is remarkable. The demand for our services by women in unexpected pregnancies has burgeoned; thousands of families have been touched. These women are effusive in their gratitude and give highest ratings for our safe place that didn’t judge them as they processed options. As we pursued excellence and growth and built a network of referral partners, our cities started taking notice. We stand on a threshold, in a culture of abortion, as a community-funded gem of a resource that changes lives and is needed more than ever. We are entering a new era.

So it surprised me a little when God whispered it was time to step aside. With grace upon grace, the Lord helped me fight for the unborn and their parents while fighting in my husband’s battle with cancer. I fought for those we serve while I fought to regain my footing as a widow without her faithful mate. The Holy Spirit is now clear that I am invited into a season of rest and restoration. I will seek God’s face in prayer until He reveals my next assignment.

What a joy you all are! I will be right beside you as we stand behind Ryan and his team and watch God pour out His life to the fullest through this noble work!

Sarita’s Story

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Get to Know Rachel!

Over the years, God has been very gracious to our team by bringing the right people to the mission at just the right time, and we’re excited for you to meet our newest team member, Rachel González.

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