Tischell's Story

When I found out I was pregnant I felt nervous, overwhelmed and bad … totally stuck in the moment and wanting time to stop so I could figure out what was going on. I felt like I was in a blur for a few weeks. Confused, that’s the best word to describe it. I came to Care Net Peninsula because I knew that I was pregnant and wanted to make sure that I had an opportunity to speak with someone about what was going on.

When I came to Care Net they were very, very welcoming and friendly. The total mood in the center was excellent. When I saw the ultrasound, that was such a game-changing moment! I still wasn’t 100% sure how I would do, but that joy! …I can remember that. And now seeing my son’s face is like “WOW! That little dot that was on the screen is this little boy that’s full of joy now. That’s awesome.”

Since coming to Care Net, I was able to decide and commit to having my son and to continuing on with my pregnancy. I had a beautiful, healthy baby boy. My life is totally different. I am so excited about what God has done! My son is great. He is amazing!

He’s healthy! He’s smart! His name means “Jehovah has Healed” and his birth has just helped heal so many areas in our lives. I am so grateful to experience that joy and not the condemnation of going through and terminating a pregnancy. That’s honestly amazing!

Sarita’s Story

The saying goes—it takes a village to raise a child. To the women we serve, you’re their village. But saving that child’s life takes an entire team, as Sarita shares with you below in her own words.

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Get to Know Rachel!

Over the years, God has been very gracious to our team by bringing the right people to the mission at just the right time, and we’re excited for you to meet our newest team member, Rachel González.

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