Natasha's Story

When I found out I was pregnant My life was very crazy, Unfortunately I had just got out of a verbal and physical abusive relationship with my husband. I had just moved into my new home with my 5 month old daughter. And two month later I was pregnant again. So when I found out I was pregnant again I was depressed and told myself I was not keeping the baby no matter what. Before I found out I was pregnant with my Son I was already depressed and dealing with PTSD and trying to stay strong and take care of my daughter.

When I found out I was pregnant, I felt … When I found out I was pregnant I felt lower than before. I was so scared and disappointed in myself. So many feeling and emotions and thoughts ran through my head. 

I came to Care Net because … I have a healthy family worked that at the time I was seeing every week. She told me about Care Net. At first I was going to Care Net for advise about abortion. Because once I found out about the baby abortion was my only option. In my head abortion would set me free from all of this. All these feelings and emotions.

When I came to Care Net they … When I came to Care Net they talk to me and told me my options. They listen to me and helped me to think clear and stop thinking with fear. They help me to realize its not the end of the world. They made me feel like I wasn’t alone And they would be there for me. Chrissey is who I talked to that day and really talk to me and listened. She has supported me the whole pregnancy Checking up on me. Just making it clear I am not alone. She’s really helped me stay positive. I needed  somebody to talk to more than anything. And Chrissey gave me that. I hope she knows how much it means to me.

Since coming to Care Net … Since coming to Care Net I am more positive about what I want in life. I realized that people do care about you and there is support out there for you. You’re never alone even when you feel like you are. These past few months I am more ready for my son than ever because of Care Net. I am excited for his arrive than ever. I regret the day I wanted to get a abortion. I can’t wait for my daughter and I to meet his. My daughter is going to be a great big sis and I know I will continue to be a great mom.