I'm a Christian and I Want an Abortion

You are physical, emotional, relational, and spiritual. The decisions you make – about many things – impact all these areas. Abortion is no different.

You may be staring at a positive pregnancy test and feeling conflicted because you’re a Christian and want an abortion.

You may have thought you’d never have an unplanned pregnancy. You may have thought you’d never even get in a spot where you’d consider an abortion. But here you are, facing both realities.

So, what now?

You are physical, emotional, relational, and spiritual. The decisions you make – about many things – impact all these areas. Abortion is no different.

That’s why, at our clinic, Alcove Health, we look at the whole woman. Because every single part of you matters.

So, if you’re a Christian and want an abortion, take a deep breath. Seriously. Go on and take several deep breaths. You’re about to make a big decision and you owe it to yourself to be settled enough to fully understand your options.

First of all, regardless of your spiritual beliefs, there are some things every woman should do before starting any abortion procedure. These relate to your physical body.

The healthiest thing to do first is to make sure you are pregnant. That may sound silly, especially if you’ve already gotten a positive result from an over-the-counter pregnancy test. But it’s not silly; it’s wise.

Over the years, some women have walked in our doors worrying about needing an abortion and walked out 45 minutes later realizing they weren’t even pregnant. Verifying the accuracy of your pregnancy test is the smartest next step.

If the lab-grade pregnancy test is positive, the next medical service you need is an ultrasound.

An ultrasound will give you three important pieces of information about what’s going on inside your body physically: 

  1. the location of the pregnancy (if it’s ectopic it will require immediate medical attention, not an abortion)
  2. the age of the pregnancy
  3. whether or not the pregnancy is viable.

All of these pieces of information are important for every woman, regardless of her spiritual beliefs – including women who have no spiritual beliefs at all. This information could reveal that there’s not even a viable pregnancy to abort. For many women, that’s a relief.

Additionally, if you’re a Christian and want an abortion, you will want to unpack how a decision to abort could impact your life spiritually.

That’s why it’s important to pick a clinic that allows you the space to consider your spiritual concerns. Women with and without spiritual beliefs get abortions. But if you’re a Christian and want an abortion, you’re saying that you do have spiritual beliefs.

Every Alcove Health client is given the safe space to consider how an abortion will affect her life holistically, including spiritually.

Many women do not claim to be followers of Christ; so, they may not be concerned with what God says about abortion at all. But that’s not what you’re saying. After all, your spiritual concerns are what led you to read this blog.

So, the best way to help you process the option of abortion specifically for you is to ask yourself a few questions.

FirstDo you believe God creates life? Your life? Your baby’s life? 

If the answers to these questions is yes, then the 2nd question is, Since God creates life, do you believe He creates life for the purpose of abortion?

If the answer to that question is no, then the final question is, Does it matter to you what God thinks? If your answer is yes, then how will an abortion impact you spiritually?

Your answers to these questions are important to your pregnancy decision because they will be important after your pregnancy decision.

At Alcove Health, we provide medical services plus advocacy services. We provide a safe space for you to consider your options, talk through your feelings, connect with resources & support, and leave feeling empowered that you have a plan that respects your entire life.

If you have spiritual concerns about having an abortion, you can process those safely here in our clinic with no judgment.

If you’re a Christian and want an abortion, you may feel embarrassed or ashamed to be in this spot. We want you to know that we are confidential & judgment-free; you can walk through our doors with confidence that you will be cared for compassionately and privately.

Call or click here to request your free and confidential appointment today.

Sherri Pigue, Client Advocate

February 9, 2024

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