Critical Year-End Ministry Update from Care Net Peninsula

Tragically, 15 children in Virginia died from Covid-19. But since March 2020, 300 times that number of babies died from abortion . . . on the Peninsula. That’s over 4,000 preborn lives taken from our community in less than 3 years. But it would have been more.

We made a commitment in 2020 to double down on our efforts to save babies from abortion. For starters, we never closed. Then we doubled our clinic ad budget, expanded our hours, and added new services. We created hundreds of blogs, videos, and social media posts to reach more local women.

There were real barriers. Governor Northam passed new abortion laws and Covid lockdowns led to the meteoric rise of the at-home abortion pill. Google filtered us out of some search results and added a pro-abortion label to our videos.

But, by God’s grace, our efforts–and your investment–paid off. Since March 2020 we served a record number of women and saved 268 babies from abortion.

As a member of the Care Net Peninsula Family, you fueled historic growth for our ministry. We could not be more grateful for your commitment to serving moms and saving babies on the Peninsula. I am writing to thank you, and to ask you to help us do even more.

It’s been a historic year in the national fight for life. Overturning Roe was monumental. Thousands of lives have already been saved from abortion. But here in Virginia, abortion is still legal up to birth. We’re not sure what the political climate will be in 2023 and beyond, but thanks to you, we’re equipped to serve all the women God sends our way.

That’s because in June we made a big move. We bought 11101 Warwick Boulevard, the future home of our ministry. We own the building and we’ve nearly completed the $600,000 capital campaign to fund the renovation. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! We’re on track to start construction on February 1st.

We have been laser-focused on the Building4Life campaign and it’s left a gap of about $50,000 in our operating budget. Would you consider a year-end gift of $50, $100, $500, or whatever amount God puts on your heart?

You all have been incredibly generous to Care Net Peninsula this year, but this is a unique season for us financially. If you’re able to allocate some of your year-end giving to Care Net Peninsula, it will help us close this funding gap.

Your gift means we can continue to provide services like life-affirming counseling to women planning to have an abortion. Ultrasounds help women see the truth about their pregnancies. Our LEAP and church mentorship programs provide ongoing training to expectant moms.  We offer all this and more for free thanks to partners like you!

I pray that this Christmas season be a time of joyful celebration with your family of the birth of Jesus Christ. Thank you again for your generous giving to Care Net Peninsula in 2022. As we look ahead to a new chapter in our ministry, please pray that God’s truth and love would guide us in our work.

Merry Christmas,

P.S. Thank you for your incredible generosity in 2022. We’ve nearly funded the campaign for our new building, but that’s left a gap of about $50,000 in our operating budget. Would you consider a year-end gift to close this critical gap in our funding?

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