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Have You Met Maggie?

Hey Friends, meet Maggie McNeely! She is a face you will get very acquainted with and we are THRILLED to finally introduce you to her if you haven’t had the chance to meet her yet.

Maggie has been a long time friend of the ministry and a little over a year ago started volunteering as a Client Intake Volunteer. While serving in the clinic she noticed God was at work in her heart and put a desire there to want to do more and minister to the women and families on the Peninsula. So, when the Community Relations Manager position opened up in December she knew that was a HUGE answer to her prayer about what was next.

Since graduating from Christopher Newport University in 2013, Maggie has worked in campus ministry with Cru for the last 6 years, and even though her time with them has come to an end, she is still looking forward to being able to mentor to student women while developing and nourishing new relationships with Care Net friends in the community. If you’re looking for her in her free time, you can catch her taking long walks to the river with her pup, Willow, and playing guitar and volleyball every chance she gets. (We haven’t figured out if she can do both at the same time).

We know she is just as excited as we are to have her join our family and she is eager to get out there and meet you and bring our community together to help serve moms and save babies.

By Amanda Franks, Media Specialist

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