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Dr. Lunsford, Pictured With Kinta Dye, RN, BSN And Meg Williams, RN, BSN

Dr. Elizabeth Lunsford is an obstetrician-gynecologist at Riverside Health who lives in Gloucester, Virginia. She received her medical degree from Eastern Virginia Medical School and serves as Medical Director for our pregnancy center. She explains in her own words why she volunteers her time and skills to the work of Care Net Peninsula.

“I chose medicine after I volunteered at a free clinic and I found many people needed better access to care. That’s why I decided to study medicine, because I could see the direct impact of my effort to improve people’s lives. I love helping people optimize their health and live healthy, productive lives to their fullest. As a physician, I am thankful to have medical skills to offer people, but I feel their greatest need is to find relationship with God through Jesus. When this spiritual relationship is restored, then all the other areas of their life ( health, finances, parenting, relationships, emotions ) come into balance as well. Jesus was the “Great Physician” who restored people to health and wholeness in all areas of their lives, and I seek to follow in His footsteps.

Care Net Peninsula provides clinic services at no charge to women facing an unintended pregnancy. This ministry offers an incredible opportunity to truly meet people in their place of need at a time when fear can overwhelm their mind causing them to make decisions they may regret in the future. The Care Net Peninsula center provides opportunity to not only provide pregnancy tests, but more importantly, to speak life and hope into people when they are making critical decisions about their lives and their unborn children. We provide all these services in a caring, respectful atmosphere.

I feel honored to be a part of this professional, compassionate ministry.”

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