A Weighty Decision

Audrey and J.J.'s Story

When Audrey and her baby boy Justin (who she calls ‘JJ’) came to the center for photographs, we watched her lovingly interact with her son. This attentive mother told us about what she was learning to help encourage her baby’s healthy development. An observer would not have guessed that Audrey wasn’t sure about her decision when she unexpectedly became pregnant.

When I found out I was pregnant I was a live-in nanny and just received my esthetician license. I was trying to get my life in order and starting to transition from side jobs, weekend work, and full-time school. I was nowhere near a position to have a baby! (but then again who is ever prepared for children?!). When I found out I was pregnant, I was absolutely frazzled and stressed. I’ve never had a difficult time making decisions but the decision to keep, carry, or adopt were weighing their heaviest. I came to Care Net because I knew before I made any decision I had to know what was healthiest for me. I had to know everything that came with having an abortion.

Care Net greeted me with unwavering support. No matter what option I was going to make, [I felt] there was a group of people not judging me. Since coming to Care Net, I chose to carry a healthy baby boy. I delivered him at 33 weeks so we did a four-week stint in the NICU… with no worries, just passing the time for him to grow and go home.

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2023 Year-End Letter from Our Executive Director

Together, we can continue to be that place of miracles and transformation for countless women and families in need. When you make a year-end gift to Care Net Peninsula, you are providing the help and hope that women need to choose life for their baby.

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Critical Year-End Ministry Update

Tragically, 15 children in Virginia died from Covid-19. But since March 2020, 300 times that number of babies died from abortion . . . on the Peninsula. That’s over 4,000 preborn lives taken from our community in less than 3 years. But it would have been more.

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